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Al Viola

Guitarist, Mandolinist

(1919 - 2007)

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CD--"Mello As a Cello" at artist...


Audio at npr.org

Mello' as a Cello

Al Viola

Frank Sinatra Sings Only for the Lonely

Frank Sinatra Viola on guitar

The Digital Page: Page Two

Page Cavanaugh Trio Viola on guitar

London By Night

Julie London Viola on guitar

Whisper Not

Ella Fitzgerald Viola on guitar

The Buddy Collette Quintet With Guest Vocalist Irene Kral

The Buddy Collette Quintet Viola on guitar

Something Cool

June Christy Viola on guitar

June's Got Rhythm

June Christy Viola on guitar

Mecca for Moderns

The Manhattan Transfer Viola on guitar
Reading and Viewing

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Jack Carson, Janis Paige, Don DeFore, Doris Day, Oscar Levant

Romance on the High Seas

Warner Home Video

DVD - Viola with Page Cavanaugh Trio

Virginia Mayo

A Song Is Born (Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo) IMPORT DVD

DVD - Viola with Page Cavanaugh Trio

Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Richard S. Castellano, Robert Duvall

The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)


DVD - Viola on mandolin

Paul Newman, George Kennedy, J.D. Cannon, Lou Antonio, Robert Drivas

Cool Hand Luke

Warner Home Video

DVD - Viola on guitar

William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan, Edmond O'Brien, Warren Oates

The Wild Bunch [HD DVD]

Warner Home Video

DVD - Viola on guitar

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