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Louise Groody

Singer, Actress

(1897 - 1961)

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Louise Groody enjoyed a successful but short career which started in cabaret. In 1920 she appeared in the Jerome Kern/Anne Caldwell Broadway production, Night Boat. One reviewer called her the “break-out” star of the show in which she sang “A Heart for Sale.” She worked with the Kern/Caldwell team again the following year in Good Morning Dearie.

Her big break came in 1924 when No, No, Nanette bombed in its out-of-town showing. Producer Harry Herbert Frazee took steps to salvage the production, one of which was to fire the star and hire Groody as Nanette. When the show re-opened in Chicago with cast replacements and additional songs, it became a sell-out. Groody and John Barker introduced “Tea for Two,” one of the songs which had been added to the score.

In 1927 she starred in Hit the Deck, where she and Charles King introduced “Sometimes I’m Happy.” That was her last show. She married that year and abandoned the stage.

- Sandra Burlingame

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