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Buddy DeFranco

Boniface Ferdinand Leonardo DeFranco

Clarinetist, Bandleader, Composer, Jazz Host PBS

(1923 - )

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You Must Believe in Swing

Dave Mckenna & Buddy Defranco

Hark: Buddy DeFranco Meets The Oscar Peterson Quartet

Buddy DeFranco

Plays Nelson Riddle's Cross Country Suit

Buddy Defranco

1949-52 Studio Performances

Buddy Defranco and His Orchestra

Charlie Cat 2

Buddy Defranco

Lush Life

Buddy DeFranco, Gordie Fleming

Chip Off the Old Bop

Buddy DeFranco

Cookin' the Books

Buddy DeFranco

Like Someone in Love

Buddy DeFranco Quintet

Memories of You

Terry Gibbs, Buddy Defranco

Buddy Defranco Meets Martin Taylor

Buddy Defranco, Martin Taylor

Mr Clarinet (Special Packaging)

Buddy Defranco
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Buddy DeFranco

Buddy DeFranco - Hand in Hand with Hanon

Hal Leonard Corporation

Buddy DeFranco

The Buddy DeFranco Collection

Hal Leonard Corporation


Fabrice Zammarchi

A Life in the Golden Age of Jazz: A Biography of Buddy DeFranco


Kuehn John

Buddy DeFranco

Scarecrow Press

A Life in the Golden Age of Jazz: A Biography of Buddy Defranco By Fabrice Zammarchi and Sylvie Mas, Hardcover 2003 Edited and Designed By Malcolm S. Harris Isbn No. 0961726660

Parkside Publications

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