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Jack Walrath

Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger, Bandleader

(1946 - )

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CD--"Bad Guys" at bagatellen.com
CD--"Bad Guys" at onefinalnote.com
CD--"Bad Guys" at thelamp.ca
CD--"Invasion of the Booty Shake...
CD--"Invasion of the Booty Shake...
CD--"Portraits in Ivory & Brass"...
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Gut Feelings

Jack Walrath & The Masters of Suspense

Blues Mission

Pee Wee Ellis, Jack Walrath, Tyrone Jefferson, Jean Paul Bourelly, Masabumi "Poo" Kikuchi, Darryl Jones, Clyde Stubblefield

In Montana

Jack Walrath

Portraits in Ivory & Brass

Jack Walrath

Serious Hang

Jack Walrath

Invasion of the Booty Shakers

Jack Walrath & the Masters of Suspense

I Am the Walrath

Jack Walrath

In Europe

Jack Walrath
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