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B, Illy
B., Mr.
Babcock, Edward Chester
Backer, Bella
Bailey, Benny
Bailey, Buster
Bailey, Dave
Bailey, Derek
Bailey, Mildred
Bailey, Samuel David
Bailey, Sheryl
Bailey, Victor
Baker, Belle
Baker, Chesney Henry Jr.
Baker, Chet
Baker, Harold J.
Baker, Kenneth Laurence
Baker, Kenny
Baker, Shorty
Baline, Israel
Ball, Kenneth Daniel
Ball, Kenny
Ballard, Jeff
Ballentino, Umberto
Ballesoni, Louis
Ballessoni, Luigi
Ballew, Smith
Ballew, Sykes
Balluff, Anthony James
Balluff, Tony
Banana, Sharkey
Bang, Billy
Baptiste, Denys
Barbarin, Louis
Barbarin, Lucien
Barbarin, Paul
Barber, Bill
Barber, Chris
Barber, Donald Christopher
Barber, John William
Barber, Patricia
Barbieri, Gato
Barbieri, Leandro
Barcelona, Danny
BarenBregge, Pete
Bargy, Roy
Bargy, Roy Frederick
Barker, Daniel Moses
Barker, Danny
Barker, Jack
Barker, John
Barnes, George
Barnet, Charles Daly
Barnet, Charlie
Baron, Joey
Barrett, Dan
Barretto, Ray
Barris, Harry
Barron, Kenny
Barth, Bruce
Bartz, Gary
Basie, Count
Basie, William Alllen
Bassman, George
Bates, Django
Bates, Leon Django
Batiste, Alvin
Bauduc, Ray
Bauer, Conny
Bauer, Konrad
Baum, Jamie
Bean, Billy
Bean, William Frederick
Beasley, Walter
Bechet, Sidney
Beck, Joe
Beeks, Clarence
Beiderbecke, Bix
Beiderbecke, Leon "Bix"
Beirach, Richard
Beirach, Richie
Belden, Bob
Belgrave, Marcus
Bellson, Louie
Ben-Hur, Roni
Benbow, Warren
Bendian, Gregg
Benedetto, Anthony Dominick
Bennet, Dale
Bennett, Ed
Bennett, Tony
Bennink, Han
Benson, George
Berg, Bob
Berg, Robert
Berg, Shelly
Berg, Shelton
Berger, David
Berger, Karl
Berger, Karl Hans
Bergson, Chris
Berigan, Bunny
Berigan, Roland Bernard
Berk, Dick
Berk, Richard Alan
Berkman, David
Berlin, Irving
Berlin, Jeff
Berne, Tim
Bernhardt, Warren
Bernie, Ben
Bernstein, Peter
Bernstein, Steven
Berroa, Ignacio
Bert, Eddie
Berton, Vic
Bertoncini, Gene
Bertrand, Jimmy
Best, Denzil
Best, Denzil De Costa
Betts, Keter
Betts, William "Keter"
Bey, Andy
Bey, Chief
Bey, James Hawthorne
Bickert, Ed
Bickert, Edward Isaac
Bigard, Albany Leon
Bigard, Barney
Bigeou, Esther
Bilk, Acker
Bilk, Bernard Stanley
Bill, Captain
Binney, David
Birnbaum, Mark
Bishop, Jeb
Bishop, Walter Jr.
Bisio, Michael
Biviano, Lin
Bjorkenheim, Raoul
Bjørnstad, Ketil
Black, Jim
Black, Stanley
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, John M.
Blackburn, John Melvin
Blackburn, Johnny
Blackman, Cindy
Blackwell, Ed
Blackwell, Edward Joseph
Blade, Brian
Blagman, Sylvia
Blake, Eubie
Blake, John Jr.
Blake, Michael
Blake, Ran
Blake, Ron
Blake, Seamus
Blakeslee, Rob
Blakey, Art
Blanchard, Terence
Bland, Jack
Blane, Ralph
Blanton, James
Blanton, Jimmy
Bleckmann, Theo
Bley, Carla
Bley, Paul
Blitzstein, Marc
Blitzstein, Marcus Samuel
Bloom, Jane Ira
Bloom, Reuben
Bloom, Rube
Blount, Herman "Sonny"
Blount, Herman Poole
Blue, T.K.
Bluiett, Hamiet
Blythe, Arthur
Blythe, Jimmy
Bocage, Peter
Boeren, Bert
Bolden, Buddy
Bolden, Charles "Buddy"
Bollani, Stefano
Bollenback, Paul
Bolling, Claude
Bona, Richard
Bonano, Joseph Gustaf
Bonano, Sharkey
Bonfa, Luiz
Bonfa, Luiz Floriano
Bonilla, Luis
Bonner, Joe
Bonner, Joseph Leonard
Booker, Walter
Booker, Walter Monroe Jr.
Borden, Margaret Ann
Botti, Chris
Bowie, Lester
Bowlly, Al
Bowlly, Albert Alick
Bowman, Brooks
Bown, Patti
Brackeen, Joanne
Braden, Don
Bradford, Bobby
Bradford, Perry
Bradley, Will
Braff, Reuben
Braff, Ruby
Braham, Philip
Brand, Adolph Johannes
Brand, Dollar
Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, Antonio Carlos
Braud, Wellman
Braxton, Anthony
Breakstone, Joshua
Breau, Lenny
Brecht, Bertolt
Brecht, Eugen Berthold Friedrich
Brecht, Eugen Bertholt Friedrich
Brecker, Michael
Brecker, Mike
Brecker, Randy
Breitenfeld, Paul Emil
Brent, Earl K.
Breuker, Willem
Bridgewater, Cecil
Bridgewater, Cecil Vernon
Bridgewater, Dee Dee
Brignola, Nick
Brisbois, Austin Dean
Brisbois, Bud
Broadbent, Alan
Brock, Zach
Bromberg, Brian
Brookmeyer, Bob
Brookmeyer, Robert
Brooks, Harold Floyd
Brooks, Harry
Brooks, Harvey
Brooks, Roy
Brooks, Stella
Brooks, Tina
Broom, Bobby
Broom, Robert Jr.
Brotzmann, Peter
Brown, "Red"
Brown, "The Original" Bessie
Brown, Anita
Brown, Anthony
Brown, Bessie
Brown, Cameron
Brown, Cameron Langdon
Brown, Charles
Brown, Clifford
Brown, Lawrence
Brown, Lew
Brown, Marion
Brown, Maurice
Brown, Mel
Brown, Nacio Herb
Brown, Ray
Brown, Raymond Matthews
Brown, Steve
Brown, Theodore
Brown, Tom
Brownstein, Louis
Brubeck, Dave
Brubeck, Dave Warren
Bruce, Carol
Bruford, Bill
Bruford, William Scott
Brunies, George
Brunies, George Clarence
Bruning, Dale
Brunis, Georg
Bruno, Jimmy
Bryant, Freddie
Bryant, Lance
Bryant, Ray
Bryant, Royal G.
Bryant, Rusty
Bryson, Jeanie
Bucci, Vincent
Buchanan, Elwood
Buck, R.
Buckner, Milt
Buckner, Milton Brent
Buhaina, Abdullah Ibn
Bullock, Hiram
Bunch, John
Bunker, Larry
Bunnett, Jane
Burke, John Francis
Burke, Johnny
Burke, Raymond
Burke, Vinnie
Burnett, Ernie
Burno, Dwayne
Burns, Ralph
Burr, Jon
Burrell, Dave
Burrell, Kenneth Earl
Burrell, Kenny
Burrows, Don
Burrows, Donald Vernon
Burton, Evans Jr.
Burton, Gary
Burton, W.E. “Buddy”
Burwell, Cliff
Burwell, Clifford R.
Bushell, Garvin
Busse, Henry
Butcher, John
Butler, Henry
Butler, Jonathan
Butman, Igor
Butterfield, Billy
Butterfield, Charles William
Byard, Jaki
Byard, John Arthur
Byas, Carlos Wesley
Byas, Don
Byrd, Charles L.
Byrd, Charlie
Byrd, Donald
Byron, Don

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