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d'Ambrosio, Meredith
D’Rivera, Paquito
Dallas, Francis Dominic Joseph
Dallas, Frank "Sonny"
Dallas, Sonny
Daly, Claire
Dameron, Tadd
Daniels, Charles N.
Daniels, Dee
Daniels, Eddie
Danielsson, Palle
Danko, Harold
Dankworth, John
Dankworth, Sir John
Dara, Olu
DaSilva, Alan Treadwell
Davenport, Charles Edwards
Davenport, Cow Cow
Davenport, Wallace
Davern, John Kenneth
Davern, Kenny
Davies, Marion
Davis, "Wild" Bill
Davis, Anthony
Davis, Art
Davis, Dr. Arthur
Davis, Charles
Davis, Eddie “Lockjaw”
Davis, Edward
Davis, James Edward
Davis, Jamie
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Jimmy
Davis, Kenny
Davis, Michael
Davis, Miles
Davis, Miles Dewey III
Davis, Orbert
Davis, Richard
Davis, Steve
Davis, Steve
Davis, Walter Jr.
Davis, Wild Bill
Davis, William
Davis, Xavier
Davison, Wild Bill
Davison, William Stethen
Dawkins, Ernest
Dawkins, Ernest "Khabeer"
Dawson, Alan
Dawson, George Alan
Dawson, Sheila Jeanette
Day, Charles Wayne
de Andrade, Djalma
De Lange, Eddie
De Lange, Edgar
de Lucia, Paco
de Oliveira, Joro Gilberto do Prado
De Paris, Sidney
De Paris, Wilbur
de Paris, Wilbur
De Paul, Gene
de Rijk, Jeroen
De Rose, Peter
De Sylva, BG
De Sylva, Buddy
De Sylva, George Gard
De Viese, Eleonora
Dean, Elton
Deardorf, Chuck
Dearie, Blossom
Debriano, Santi
Deems, Barrett
Defoort, Kris
DeFrancesco, Joey
DeFranco, Boniface Ferdinand Leonardo
DeFranco, Buddy
DeJohnette, Jack
Dennerlein, Barbara
Dennis, Matt
Dennis, Matthew Loveland
DeParis, Sidney
Derado, Tino
DeRose, Dena
DeRose, Peter
Deschamps, Rosa
Deslile, Louis Nelson
Desmond, Paul
DeSylva, Buddy Gard
Deuchar, Jimmy
DeVos, Bob
DeVos, Robert Wayne
di Battista, Stefano
Di Meola, Al
Dial, Garry
Dick, Robert
Dickenson, Vic
Dickerson, Walt
Dickerson, Walter Roland
Dickey, Whit
Dickie, Neville
Dickson, Dorothy
Dietz, Howard
DiMartino, John
DiRubbo, Mike
Distel, Sascha
Dixon, Akua
Dixon, Bill
Dixon, Mort
Dixon, William James
Dixon, Willie
Djangirov, Eldar
Dodds, Baby
Dodds, John M.
Dodds, Johnny
Dodds, Warren
Dodgion, Jerry
Doggett, Bill
Doggett, William Ballard
Doky, Chris Minh
Doky, Christian Minh
Doky, Niels Lan
Dolphy, Eric
Dolphy, Eric Allan
Dominique, Anatie
Dominique, Natty
Donahue, Miles
Donaldson, Lou
Donaldson, Walter
Donegan, Dorothy
Donelian, Armen
Dorge, Pierre
Dorham, Kenny
Dorough, Bob
Dorsey, James Francis
Dorsey, Jimmy
Dorsey, Thomas Francis
Dorsey, Tommy
Douglas, Dave
Douras, Marion Cecelia
Dowdy, Bill
Drake, Alfred
Drake, Ervin
Drake, Ervin M.
Drake, Hamid
Draper, Ray
Draper, Raymond Allen
Drasin, Tamara
Dresser, Mark
Drew, Kenny
Drew, Kenny Jr.
Driscoll, Kermit
Drootin, Benjamin
Drootin, Buzzy
Druckman, Ervin Maurice
Drummond, Anne
Drummond, Billy
Drummond, Ray
Drummond, Ray "Bulldog"
Drummond, Willis Robert Jr.
Dubin, Al
Duhe, Lawrence
Duke, George
Duke, Vernon
Dukelsky, Vladimir
Dunlap, Larry
Dunmall, Paul
Dunn, Blind Willie
Dunn, Johnny
Duran, Becca
Duran, Hilario
Durante, James Francis
Durante, Jimmy
Dusen, Frank
Dusen, Frankie
Duson, Frankie
Dutrey, Honore
Duval, Dominic
Dyani, Johnny

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