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Page, Hot Lips
Page, Oran "Hot Lips"
Page, Oran Thaddeus
Paich, Martin
Paich, Marty
Palmer, Jack
Palmer, Roy
Palmieri, Eddie
Paparelli, Frank
Parenti, Anthony
Parenti, Tony
Parham, Hartzell Strathdene
Parham, Tiny
Parish, Mitchell
Parker, Charlie
Parker, Charlie Bird
Parker, Evan
Parker, Evan Shaw
Parker, Jeff
Parker, Jeffrey
Parker, Leo
Parker, Leon
Parker, Maceo
Parker, Maceo Jr.
Parker, William
Parlan, Horace
Parsons, Andy
Parsons, Jack Strachey
Pascoal, Hermeto
Pashelinsky, Michael Hyman
Pasqua, Alan
Pass, Joe
Passalaqua, Joseph Anthony
Passos, Rosa
Pastorius, Jaco
Pastorius, John Francis Anthony III
Patitucci, John
Patterson, Don
Patterson, Robert
Patton, "Big" John
Patton, Jeb
Patton, John
Paul, Les
Pavone, Mario
Payne, Cecil
Payne, Cecil McKenzie
Payne, John
Payne, Percival
Payne, Sonny
Payton, Nicholas
Peabody, Eddie
Peabody, Edwin Ellsworth
Peacock, Annette
Peacock, Gary
Peake, Tadley Ewing
Pearson, Duke
Pearson, Mary
Peck, Julie
Pedersen, Niels-Henning Orsted
Pell, Dave
Pell, David
Pell, Rudy
Pelt, Jeremy
Penn, Clarence
Peplowski, Ken
Pepper, Art
Pepper, Jim
Perciful, Jack
Perdomo, Luis
Peretz, Michael Hyman
Perez, Danilo
Perez, Emmanuel
Perez, Manuel
Perez, Manuel "Manole"
Perger, Andreas Paolo
Perkins, Bill
Perkins, Frank
Perkins, Frank S.
Perkins, Slim
Perkins, William Reese
Persip, Charles Lawrence
Persip, Charli
Person, Eric
Person, Houston
Persons, Ted
Peterson, Hannibal
Peterson, Marvin Charles
Peterson, Oscar
Peterson, Oscar Emmanuel
Peterson, Ralph
Peterson, Ralph Jr.
Petit, Buddie or Buddy
Petkere, Bernice
Petrucciani, Michel
Pettiford, Oscar
Phillips, Barre
Phillips, Flip
Piazzolla, Astor
Pichon, Fats
Pichon, Walter G.
Picou, Alphonse
Picou, Alphonse Floristan
Pieranunzi, Enrico
Pierce, Bill
Pierce, Billy
Pierce, Nat
Pierce, William
Pierre, Brother
Pietro, Dave
Pilc, Jean-Michel
Pine, Courtney
Pine, Fitzgerald Courtney
Pinkard, Maceo
Pintchik, Leslie
Piron, Armand J.
Piron, Armand John "A.J."
Pisano, John
Pizzarelli, Bucky
Pizzarelli, John
Pizzarelli, John "Bucky"
Plaxico, Lonnie
Plaxico, Lonnie Luvell
Pleasure, King
Polfus or Polsfuss, Lester William
Pomeroy, Herb
Pompilii, Rudolph Clement
Pompilli, Rudy
Ponder, James Willis
Ponder, Jimmy
Ponomarev, Valery
Pontiac, Marvin
Ponty, Jean-Luc
Pope, Mike
Pope, Odean
Popovic, Ana
Porcaro, Joe
Porcaro, Joseph
Porter, Art Jr.
Porter, Art Sr.
Porter, Arthur Lee
Porter, Arthur Lee Jr.
Porter, Cole
Porter, Cole Albert
Porter, Randy
Posnak, Paul
Potenza, Frank
Potter, Chris
Powell, Benny
Powell, Bud
Powell, Earl Rudolph
Powell, Gordon "Specs"
Powell, Mel
Powell, Richie
Powell, Roy
Powell, Specs
Prasanna, R.
Prather, Ida
Prestopnk, Irving Henry
Prevert, Jacques
Previn, Andre
Previn, Andreas Ludwig
Previte, Bobby
Previte, Robert
Price, Sammy
Price, Samuel Blyth
Pridgett, Gertrude
Priester, Julian
Priester, Julian Anthony
Prieto, Dafnis
Printup, Marcus
Procope, Russell
Proper, Doug
Prysock, Arthur
Prysock, Arthur Jr.
Puente, Ernest Anthony
Puente, Tito
Puerling, Eugene Thomas
Puerling, Gene
Pukwana, Dudu
Pukwana, Mtutuzel or Mtutuzeli Dudu
Pullen, Don
Purdie, Bernard
Purdie, Bernard "Pretty"
Purim, Flora
Purrone, Tony
Purtill, "Moe"
Purtill, Maurice
Purvis, Jack
Pusztai, Antal

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