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S, Harvie
Sabbagh, Jerome
Sachs, Aaron
Salaam, Liaqat Ali
Saluzzi, Dino
Saluzzi, Tomoteo "Dino"
Salvador, Sal
Sample, Joe
Sample, Joseph Leslie
Sampson, Edgar
Samuels, Dave
Sanabria, Bobby
Sanborn, David
Sanborn, David William
Sanchez, Antonio
Sanchez, David
Sanchez, Poncho
Sanders, Farrell
Sanders, Pharoah
Sandke, Randall or Randal
Sandke, Randy
Sandoval, Arturo
Santos, Juma
Santos, Dr. Juma
Sargent, Jean
Sarin, Michael
Sarin, Mike
Satchel Mouth
Saunders, Theo
Sauter, Eddie
Sauter, Edward Ernest
Savage, Matt
Scaggiari, Stefan
Scheinman, Jenny
Schertzinger, Victor
Schifrin, Boris Claudio
Schifrin, Lalo
Schlitten, Don
Schneider, Larry
Schneider, Maria
Schneiderman, Rob
Schoenberg, Loren
Schoeppach, Brad
Schroeder, Adam
Schuller, George
Schuller, Gunther
Schutt, Arthur
Schuur, Diane
Schwartz, Anton
Schwartz, Arthur
Schwartz, Simon
Schwarz-Bart, Jacques
Schweizer, Irene
Schwichtenberg, Wilbur
Sciacca, Anthony
Sclavis, Louis
Scofield, John
Scone, Adam
Scott, Bobby
Scott, Bud
Scott, Cecil
Scott, Cynthia
Scott, Hazel
Scott, Hazel Dorothy
Scott, Jimmy
Scott, Little Jimmy
Scott, Raymond
Scott, Rhoda
Scott, Robert William
Scott, Shirley
Scott, Stephen
Scott, Tony
Scruggs, Mary Elfrieda
Seales, Marc
Sebesky, Don
Seim, Trygve
Selengut, Jesse
Selvin, Ben
Senensky, Bernie
Seneri, Vince
Senter, Boyd
Serry, John
Serry, John Jr.
Sete, Bola
Severinsen, Carl Hilding
Severinsen, Doc
Shank, Bud
Shank, Clifford Everett Jr.
Shank, Kendra
Shapiro, Paul
Shapiro, Ted
Sharpe, Avery
Sharrock, Sonny
Sharrock, Warren Harding
Shavers, Charles
Shavers, Charles James
Shavers, Charlie
Shaw, Art
Shaw, Artie
Shaw, Arvell
Shaw, Charles "Bobo"
Shaw, Ian
Shaw, Jaleel
Shaw, Marlena
Shaw, Woody
Shaw, Woody Herman II
Shearing, George
Shearing, Sir George
Sheldon, Jack
Shepherd, Leo
Shepik, Brad
Shepp, Archie
Shepp, Archie Vernon
Sheppard, Bob
Sherman, James H.
Sherman, Jimmy
Sherman, Mark
Shew, Bobby
Shields, Harry
Shimosato, Gene
Shipp, Matthew
Shirley, Don
Shirley, Don Walbridge
Shoemake, Charles Edward
Shoemake, Charlie
Short, Annabelle
Shorter, Alan
Shorter, Wayne
Sidran, Ben
Sigman, Carl
Signorelli, Frank
Silva, Alan
Silvano, Judi
Silver, Horace
Silver, Horace Ward Martin Tavares
Simeon, Omer
Simkins, Geoff
Simmons, Huey
Simmons, Norman
Simmons, Sarney Norman
Simmons, Sonny
Simms, Ginny
Simms, Virginia
Simon, Abraham
Simon, Edward
Simone, Nina
Simons, Seymour
Simpkins, Andy
Sims, John Haley
Sims, Pete
Sims, Pete
Sims, Pete La Roca
Sims, Zoot
Sinatra, Francis Albert
Sinatra, Frank
Singleton, Arthur James
Singleton, Zutty
Sitson, Gino
Skolnick, Alex
Slack, Freddie
Slack, Frederick Charles
Slagle, Steve
Slaton, Mary Leta Dorothy
Sloane, Carol
Slovak, Margaret
Smiraglia, Silcio
Smith, "Pine Top"
Smith, "Pinetop"
Smith, Beasley
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Buster
Smith, Carrie
Smith, Cladys "Jabbo"
Smith, Clara
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Harry B.
Smith, Harry Bache
Smith, Henry "Buster"
Smith, Hezekiah Leroy Gordon
Smith, Ishmael Wadada Leo
Smith, Jabbo
Smith, James Howard
Smith, James Oscar
Smith, Jimmie
Smith, Jimmy
Smith, John Henry Jr.
Smith, Johnny
Smith, Keely
Smith, Dr. Lonnie
Smith, Lonnie Liston
Smith, Lonnie Liston Jr.
Smith, Mamie
Smith, Mandy
Smith, Marvin Jr.
Smith, Marvin “Smitty”
Smith, Professor
Smith, Stuff
Smith, Trixie
Smith, Wadada Leo
Smith, William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholoff
Smith, Willie “The Lion”
Smoker, Paul
Smulyan, Gary
Snidero, Jim
Snow, Valaida
Snowden, Elmer
Snyder, Ted
Sokolov, Lisa
Solal, Martial
Soloff, Lew
Soloff, Lewis Michael
Solomon, Herbert Jay
Somers, Andrew James
Sondheim, Stephen
Sondheim, Stephen Joshua
Soph, Ed
Sosa, Omar
Soskin, Mark
Sour, Robert
Souter, Tessa
South, Eddie
Southern, Jeri
Souza, Luciana
Spanier, Francis Joseph Julian
Spanier, Muggsy
Spaulding, Esperanza
Spaulding, James
Spaulding, James Ralph Jr.
Spearman, Kenneth Clarke
Speed, Chris
Speer, Stewie
Spivak, Charles
Spivak, Charlie
Spivey, Victoria
St. Cyr, Johnny
Stacy, Alexandria
Stacy, Jess
Stafford, Jo
Stafford, Terell
Stallings, Mary
Stamm, Marvin
Stanko, Tomasz
Staton, Dakota
Steig, Jeremy
Stein, Jules
Stein, Julius Kerwin
Stenson, Bo Gustav
Stenson, Bobo
Stern, Leni
Stern, Michael
Stern, Mike
Stern, Peggy
Stetch, John
Stetchisin, Ivan
Stevens, John
Stevens, John William
Stevens, Leith
Stevens, Leith Amadeus
Stevens, Ragbaby or Rag Baby
Stevens or Stephens, Joe
Stevenson, "Steve"
Stevenson, Tommy
Stewart, Bill
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Leroy "Slam"
Stewart, Rex
Stewart, Rex William Jr.
Stewart, Slam
Stief, Bo
Stiernberg, Don
Stigers, Curtis
Stiles, Joan
Stillman, Loren
Stilo, Nicola
Stine, Billy X.
Stitt, Edward "Sonny"
Stitt, Sonny
Stockhausen, Markus
Stoller, Alvin
Stoltzman, Richard
Stordahl, Axel
Stordahl, Odd
Stowell, John
Strachey, Jack
Straight, Charles Theodore
Straight, Charley
Strait, Todd
Strayhorn, Billy
Strayhorn, William Thomas
Strazzeri, Frank
Strickland, E. J.
Strickland, Marcus
Stripling, Byron
Strozier, Frank
Strozier, Frank R.
Stryker, Dave
Stubblefield, John
Stubblefield, Nick
Styne, Jule
Suarez, Harvito
Suessdorf, Carl
Suessdorf, Karl
Sullivan, Ira
Sullivan, Ira Brevard Jr.
Sullivan, Joe
Sullivan, Maxine
Summer, Mark
Summers, Andy
Sung, Helen
Surman, John
Surman, John Douglas
Sutton, Ralph
Sutton, Tierney
Svensson, Esbjorn
Swainson, Neil
Swallow, Steve
Swallow, Steven W.
Swartz, Harvie
Sweatman, Wilbur
Symes, Marty
Syms, Sylvia
Szabo, Gabor
Szabo, Gabor Istvan

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