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Waits, Nasheet
Walcott, Collin
Waldo, Terry
Waldron, Mal
Waldron, Malcolm Earl
Walker, Mark
Walker, Melissa
Walker, William Vincent
Wallace, Bennie
Wallace, Sippie
Waller, Fats
Waller, Thomas Wright
Wallington, George
Walrath, Jack
Walters, Charles
Walton, Cedar
Wamble, Doug
Wamble, Samuel Douglas
Ware, Bill
Ware, Bill III
Ware, David S.
Ware, David Spencer
Ware, Wilbur
Ware, Wilbur Bernard
Warnow, Harry
Warren, Butch
Warren, Edward "Butch"
Warren, Guy
Warren, Harry
Washburne, Chris
Washington, Dinah
Washington, Grover Jr.
Washington, Kenny
Washington, Ned
Washington, Peter
Wasserman, Rob
Watanabe, Kazumi
Watanabe, Sadao
Waters, Benjamin
Waters, Benny
Waters, Ethel
Watkins, Doug
Watkins, Julius
Watrous, Bill
Watrous, William Russell III
Watson, Bobby
Watts, Ernest James
Watts, Ernie
Watts, Jeff “Tain”
Wayman, Eunice Kathleen
Wayne, Chuck
Weatherford, Teddy
Webb, Chick
Webb, William Henry
Weber, Eberhard
Weber, Jon
Webster, Ben
Webster, Benjamin Francis
Webster, Paul
Webster, Paul Francis
Weckl, Dave
Weidman, James
Weill, Kurt
Weill, Kurt Julian
Wein, George
Wein, George Theodore
Weinert, Astrud
Weiskopf, Walt
Weiss, George
Weiss, George David
Weiss, Michael
Weldon, Jerry
Welland, Laura
Wells, Bob
Wells, Dickie
Wells, Dicky
Wells, Jair-Rohm Parker
Wells, Robert
Wells, Williams
Wellstood, Dick
Wellstood, Richard MacQueen
Wellstood, Richard McQueen
Werner, Kenny
Wertico, Paul
Wesley, Fred
Wesley, Fred Jr.
Wess, Frank
Wess, Frank Wellington
Wesseltoft, Bugge
Wesseltoft, Jens Christian Bugge
Weston, Cliff
Weston, Paul
Weston, Randolph E.
Weston, Randy
Wetmore, Dick
Wetmore, Richard Byron
Wetstein, Paul
Wetterau, Cliff
Whalum, Kirk
Wheeler, DePriest
Wheeler, Francis
Wheeler, Ken
Wheeler, Kenneth Vincent John
Wheeler, Kenny
Whigham, Jiggs
Whigham, Oliver Haydn III
White, Carla
White, Lenny
White, Leonard III
White, Michael
White, Dr. Michael
Whiteman, Paul
Whitfield, Mark
Whitfield, Wesla
Whitfield, Weslia
Whiting, Margaret
Whiting, Richard A.
Whiting, Richard Armstrong
Wiggins, Gerald
Wilber, Bob
Wilder, Alec
Wilder, Alexander Lafayette Chew
Wilen, Barney
Wilen, Bernard Jean
Wiley, Lee
Wilhoite, Donald McRae Jr.
Wilkes, Corey
Wilkins, Ernest Brooks
Wilkins, Ernie
Wilkins, Jack
Willcox, Newell Spiegle
Willcox, Spiegle
Williams, Buster
Williams, Charles Anthony Jr.
Williams, Charles Melvin
Williams, Clarence
Williams, Claude “Fiddler”
Williams, Cootie
Williams, David
Williams, David "Happy"
Williams, Harry
Williams, Harry Hiram
Williams, James
Williams, James Gordon
Williams, Jessica
Williams, Jessica Jennifer
Williams, Joe
Williams, Marietta
Williams, Mary Lou
Williams, Paul
Williams, Paul Hamilton Jr
Williams, Spencer
Williams, Tony
Williamson, Claude
Williamson, Claude Berkeley
Willis, Larry
Willis, Lawrence Elliot
Wilson, Abram
Wilson, Anthony
Wilson, Cassandra
Wilson, Edith
Wilson, Gerald
Wilson, Jack
Wilson, Lena
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Reuben
Wilson, Rossiere "Shadow"
Wilson, Shadow
Wilson, Steve
Wilson, Teddy
Wilson, Theodore Shaw
Wind, Martin
Winding, Kai
Winding, Kai Chresten
Witherspoon, Jimmy
Wofford, Mike
Wogram, Nils
Wolfe, Ben
Wolff, Michael
Wong, Francis
Wonsey, Anthony
Wood, Chris
Wood, Christopher Barry
Wood, Guy
Wood, Guy B.
Woode, Henri
Woode, Henry
Woode, William Henri
Woods, Phil
Woods, Philip Wells
Woolf, Walter
Woolridge, Anna Marie
Wooten, Roy Wilfred
Wooten, Victor
Workman, Reggie
Workman, Reginald
Wright, Eugene
Wright, Leo
Wright, Leo Nash
Wright, Lizz
Wright, Scotty
Wrubel, Allie
Wyands, Richard
Wynn, Nan

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